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In business,

every conversation with stakeholders and colleagues is, to some extent, an improvisation.

Improv is
  • Support - working together as a team to swim in the same direction and make others look good.

  • Being present - listening, letting go, knowing what the moment needs.

  • Collaboration - learning to fuse together many possibilities to form a new direction.


Fun sessions designed to bring the team closer, always through laughter and learning.

Guest Speaking

Using our core foundations, we can speak to an audience of any size to engage and inspire.


As improvisers we're ready for anything! We'll keep your audience engaged and your panel moving apace.


For conferences, events or shows, we provide emcees who hone in on your focus and manage any moment.

Workshops & Training

- Communication
- Team Support
- Off-the-cuff Thinking
- Public Speaking
- Creative Solutionising
- Learn to Follow Your Gut

Our structured programmes use the basics of improv to drive deeper messaging and value concepts. Everything is bespoke for you.

Looking for more?

Check out our downloadables:


...not only fun but also helped to get our colleagues thinking quicker and on their feet...


(TBC HK) spent a lot of time to understand our company values and to help us structure our requirements… really interesting and insightful activities with lot of fun moments


...sessions delivered with AA confidence, fluidity and engagement that was infectious to all...

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