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How it all began

In 2009 a group of passionate improvisers met in Edinburgh, Scotland, forming the first branch of TBC Improv. When Lauren moved to Hong Kong in 2014 she brought the brand with her and created TBC Improv HK. We have taught, performed and trained on four continents, and we're not done yet...

“Yes, and…”

Make each other look good

There is no failure!

Our 3 core principles

Our team

Lauren Berning
Founder and Managing Director

Lauren sees the world through the lens of improv. Her goal is to bring her love and passion for the art form to every interaction.  

Isobel McKenzie

Isobel is relentless funshine. She’s also a writer, editor and improviser! Her favourite thing about improv is that it gives you the chance to take small ideas and make them big, to have fun pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in a safe space.

Ben Margalith

Ben is passionate about improv, performance, and connecting through creativity. His goal is to have fun and engage with others empathically through improv.

Jai Day

Jai is an English Actor raised in Hong Kong and based between HK and LA. You’ve probably seen him get kicked in the face in Hong Kong Movies, punched in the face in Western Movies and/or shot in the face in Chinese movies. Other than a human punching bag, Jai’s been a Mascot, Statue, Cartoon, Balloon guy, Stunt guy, Stilt walker, Host, Writer, Director, Lover, The Colonel and of course, Improviser. He’s basically a Swiss Army Knife of positively charged mediocrity.

Isaac Droscha
Performer and Trainer

Isaac believes in the power of “yes, and…” in all aspects of life and how it can lead to transformational experiences and explosions of creativity and productivity.

Victoria Duthie

Victoria is a Chinese and Scottish actress, voice over artist, model and product manager. She loves the unique challenges in performing improv comedy and enjoys cringe humour, dark humour and anti humour.

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